He shook his head and said, “I feel happiest when I meet my fans.” Out of the blue, it flashed across my mind that he suddenly left for U.S. last September in an economy seat. Now, after overcoming everything, he must have a different feeling while heading to the States because this time it’s in order to enjoy the festival with fans, not to escape. Jay Park smiled and said, “I’ll fly in business class this time.

— Jay Park, writing neatly in Korean, not English… Colored letters show “Wittiness”


[the last line is just.. idek what to feel. i’m so proud of him for still being able to stand up despite it all. i pray that he will get the best that life has to offer. and yes we’re fiercely loyal fans.. and yes jay.. we’ll book you interviews and cf deals because we want to show you how much we appreciate all your hardwork and because we want to see you shine and to give everything back to you. don’t loose your vision and who you are because we LOVE you because of the way you are.]


~ by worthwhil on September 3, 2010.

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