People Will Love and Adore You for the Hundreds of Good Things You’ve Done But Will Hate You for One Single Mistake

The die has been cast. You have made your decision. Be a man and take it like a man. Tears are useless. You may have conveyed your emotions but I no longer care. I’m glad you forgive him for the ‘evil’ thing that he has done and I’m glad you thought with a clear head when you made the decision to oust him out of the group. I’m sure you made the decision with saving yourselves in mind. Let’s be frank now. So don’t act pitiful and cry now. It will only make me hate you. It will fuel the desire in me to hurt you just as you have hurt him, a human being’s natural reaction after being hurt. So I hope you will also forgive me if I boycott on you because I too am thinking for myself. I do not want to feel pain and anguish and I want to retaliate from all the blows you have given to me. The blows from your company and now, finally, you.

However as much as I want to hate you, I find that I cannot because with all the news going around, everything that comes out of anywhere makes me question. All your stories make me think, make me question their validity. You have presented your story today. And as I sit here in front of my desk, I think critically analyzing every news that hits me. How real were you? How much truth lies in your words? So I cannot hate but I will withdraw from anything concerning you.

No I do not want him to go back to your arms where you once vowed to be together, bounded by brotherhood. I may not know the whole story, or I may not even know ANY story for lies and deceit may have been woven around us, but I do know that I want him away from you. I want him to be known somewhere else, make his mark somewhere else. We’re waiting out here for him. We are ready to accept him with open arms so I hope he gets discovered here. I will join in the projects to get his name out there. We out here will be his fanbase so if he decides to come out again, he will know that we are waiting for him.

For you, you the main character, I hope you will speak out, let your voice be heard and the truth come out. So we will understand and the hurt will lessen.

For now, I shall watch and see how things would progress but again, forgive me. I am but human, just as you are. There has been too much pain. I should not be made to subject myself to this. This is entertainment. This is where I turn to for comfort when my day is bad or when I need the motivation. This is not something that should give me a headache, give me cause for tears, confusion and pain. But now it has.

To the pros and those saying I am not a true fan, I don’t care about what you say. This is me and this is my life. I choose who I want to support. I choose the people I want to spend my money on. Everyday in this place has been a struggle since all the things started happening. Reading about them, watching their videos, listening to their music no longer entertains me. So tell me, do you think I should stay and force myself to do so?

I am displeased and so it ends just like that.

I rest my case

PS: Except for one thai guy who I have vowed to support due to great friends I have met because him but only up to the extent of his solo activities because he truly is a great person.

And again. This is my blog. This is MY opinion.


~ by worthwhil on February 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “People Will Love and Adore You for the Hundreds of Good Things You’ve Done But Will Hate You for One Single Mistake”

  1. i like your opinion tot… sorry bcause i read it…but i can’t help myself to make a comment. huhu….
    And me, myself just can’t believe that.i’ve already lose hope in that group…for almost 6 month i’ve been waiting and not complaining even once….But what do i get? Frustration and more than that…hating them bcoz they betrayed their own brother?

  2. cont…. besides…i’m not hating them bcause “him” aint going back, but i hate the fact, that they’ve make such a good lies and makes fake things seem real…and every1 hating me, bcause of this comment.
    I don’t want him to be in that group ever again, knowing that he will be treated like a rubbish(Sorry), be used again and again. he will be more successful out there, rather being what those backstabber. May god have mercy on everyone who loves him..
    sorry again…such a emo.

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