the whole JAY thing

i’ve just been reading posts in soompi and in all these other forums about the whole jay situation. i’d just want to say that i simply want to lend my support to the fans that are boycotting. it’s not because all i want is for jay to be back in 2pm.. from all the reports that i’ve been reading, all the infos and rumors and i’ve seen, it is very possible that JYPE is forcing jay to quit.. for someone who says its completely false then show proof, complete and absolute proof and i’ll bow down to you. of course i respect jay’s decisions whatever those would be but i would appreciate it if those decisions where because he wanted to do so and not because he was ‘coerced’ to. if there is a possibility that JYPE is pressuring jay to quit, then I for one would like to show them how much we want jay back in the limelight. i am not against jay becoming a solo artist, in fact before this whole get back to 2pm jay thing started, i thought he would make a great solo artist. he can dance really well, sing, and he’s really good in variety shows so it’s not a problem.

i respect whatever the other fans decide to do. i understand if they don’t want to join the boycott and all these other things. that’s not a problem. but i ask for you to also understand why other fans are joining in the movement. just as we have respected you, we ask for you to respect us back. we are giving this our one last shot. at least we are showing JYPE that we want jay back and its up to the company to decide.. fans have the power. we make them famous. we make and break them. that’s a fact. and because of this, we want JYPE to know jay is loved and wanted.

if jay doesn’t want to come back then its okay. its his life. as long as jype already knows how we feel. as long as jay is given the chance to decide.. then that’s all i want.

this is simply my opinion. these are the reasons why i support the movement. you have your own opinion too. you dont see me bashing or sneering down on you so please show the same respect.

with that said, again please leave your messages @ to show our support =]


~ by worthwhil on January 29, 2010.

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