Park JaeBum – because we NEED him back

credits: asianfanatics

if you’re like me who doesnt have access to any of the JYPE centers and who cant send letters (because they get to the recipient a month after or more -.-) this helps a lot.. guys lets all leave messages~ though i personally am okay with jay returning as a solo artist or not returning at all but i want to make sure it is because that IS what he wants and not because some company is forcing him to do stuff. i respect whatever decisions he will make (though i’d be happier if he would come back doesnt matter if its in 2pm or solo as long as he goes back to entertaining) as long as IT IS HIM who is making the decision. I’ll say it over and over again if I have to. as long as it’s completely because that IS WHAT HE WANTS AND NO ONE ELSE.

so lets all join the fight to bring him back yeah~? =]

dont forget to read the whole tumblr too so if you want to send encouragement letters to jay you can do so as well~ its all in


~ by worthwhil on January 28, 2010.

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