Succumbing to the Bandwagon.. And NO it’s NOT a Bad Thing

There was HOT and Sechskies. Then came Shinhwa’s orange balloons and YG family’s 1TYM. Of course after that who can forget DBSK’s Hug and the start of their dark music, the Tri-angle single. Bigbang rose to fame with Lalala (that ab-baring move), Lies, and Haru Haru. Though other bands are technically not considered as boybands but you get what I mean (incase you din’t, read: bands made up of boys.. yeah that’s what I mean).

The year 2009 was basically dominated by Shinee, MBLAQ, and all the other new boybands popping up everywhere. Though a lot would beg to differ saying that it was the year of the girl bands what with Wondergirls making it to the billboard charts and 2ne1’s popularity.  But that’s already beside the point because this article is about how I came to fall in love with 2PM.

So I’ve heard of them for quite some time now.. I’ve been in the kpop scene for about 8 years now. I could say I’ve been quite picky with the type of music that I get into but it’s mostly the pop-ish dark music that I prefer. I remember years ago when I was in love with Shinhwa that I never want to become a Nuna fan if at all. I tend to have a crush on idols so I steer clear away from the young ones. I’m traditional that way. It’s just me and I’m weird like that.  So here I am appreciating TOP because Bigbang’s music is just so good I couldn’t pass up the opportunity but thank goodness I didn’t fall in love with them though I can safely say I think TOP (though I think I like hearing the name Tempo more than I like his current stage name) is hot.

I have been so updated with the kpop world from all these forums and subscriptions that I have but I always steered clear away from the new debuting ones which have young ones in em. So i received news and heard about this group of thirteen boys that was rumoured to debut or something something like that. I received news about them, read about them, and saw the anticipation it was causing the young fans. I was blah about the whole thing since I wasn’t that much obsessed over kpop this time around. I was slowly immersed in the real world and was busy with problems of my own to develop strong feelings about anything entertainment related.  Someone posted their debut performance on a kpop site and I didn’t bother checking it out because I don’t have the fastest internet and I just wasn’t interested. I thought “Oh another type of TVXQ. I only need one.” Plus I was kind of iffed at the fact that there was someone named Kim Junsu (like Xiah Junsu) too.  I was so obsessed with Xiah Junsu at this point haha.

I heard about the whole Jay incident (will be posting a reaction at another time, albeit yearsss after the whole thing happened haha I’m just late like that ROFL but this is my blog so I’ll say whatever I want to say) and I finally decided to look up the members’ profiles and to my surprise I found him to be older than me by a few months. Park Jaebum sparked my interest because 1. he was my type (infact he kind of reminds me of Vanness Wu of F4 if you guys remember him), and 2. he was a lot older than me so it was okay to have a crush on him if it came to that LOL.

So I started to read on fanfics that had Jay in them, completely disregarding the other members. I just remembered what was really common in them..

1. There’s a guy that likes to eat a LOT and I mean a LOT. He ‘s also really obsessed with bananas.

2. There’s a guy that’s seriously so freakin’ hyper all the time. I remember he liked to drag female cast (on the fanfic) around.

3. There’s a guy that looked so much like Rain.

4. There’s a really, really tall guy that had really really big teeth.

5. And they ALL seem to have a weird fascination with dried mangoes for some reason.

I distinctly remember these characteristics because it ALMOST ALWAYS appeared in like 95% of the fanfics that I was reading. It got me curious so I decided to look up some music videos of theirs in youtube. I watched Again and Again and I thought okay yeah.. I didn’t really have a high opinion on the music video.. I mean I saw TVXQ’s Mirotic and Kattun’s Dont You Ever Stop and watching the whole purple lights thing with nothing else kind of did not really pull me in. The song, I didn’t like it very much too haha You can kind of tell how I wasn’t really impressed with what I saw.

So I stopped watching the videos and continued to read the fanfics. After awhile, I watched the Gayo Daejung 2009 awards and watched this girl group. I think it was one of those mixed group performances and they were performing Heartbeat. I loved it. I was skimming through the comments and I saw one that said they didn’t do justice to the actual song so I looked up the original performance on the same awards show. And I thought ‘Okay No.’ I definitely liked the girl performers more. I think I liked how the voices blended well on that one.. So because I liked the song so much, decided to find the MV and watched it on youtube.

And I fell in love.

–deleting link because boycotting JYPE until hey bring back Park JaeBum. watch the mv after this whole headache tides and he’s back with them–

Not so much as the faces of the members but of the song and the MV and the whole look just screamed Awesome to me. I thought, why isn’t the live performance as awesome as their music video? I probably watched more than 10 performances that day and up to today I still think the MV’s more awesome but I can honestly say there was much improvement on their live performances.

It wasn’t until a whole lot of watching that I started falling in love with these idols. I listened to Tired of Waiting and Tik Tok and it strengthened my fandom with them. But what really got me into them was how they were away from the singing, the dancing, and the physical appearances. I watched Wild Bunny and interviews and I fell in love with their personalities. I love the fact that they’re so grounded and so close to the fans, wearing and using gifts,not afraid to show their imperfections, and all that made me appreciate them. All the hardwork I saw in practices made me want to appreciate them and show support for them. I finally succumbed after a year and some months to become a nuna fan.

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I don’t know them personally, because if I did, hell I’d be stalking them 24/7 LOL yes I’m scary like that.. But I like what I’m seeing already.


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