Akanishi Jin’s Lovejuice


credits to whoever owns this picture x.x cant remember where I got it originally

Okay so I was at a friend’s house last Saturday. We haven’t seen each other for like the longest time because I’ve been so busy with work and school. I’ve already resigned so that leaves me with some time on my hands (enough to even clean my room today LOL). So we were gonna watch some concerts. I let them decide whichever they wanted to watch. They were debating between the Suju concert or that of Kattun’s. I have heard of Kattun but I haven’t actually seen them perform or listened to their songs. BUT of course I have seen Gokusen so I have seen Akanishi Jin though I haven’t really thought of him in the Kattun context if you know what I mean. So anyways they decided that it would be best if I watched the Kattun concert and the debate then went on which concert so I said whichever is most recent would be a good watch. So my friend popped in Queen of Pirates. I was amazed because it was really done well and I loved the songs but one thing that seriously caught my attention was Jin’s solo song, Lovejuice which is btw all in english and his composition. So I was like Oh! It’s in english and when I listened to the lyrics I went OMG that can’t be o.o

So here are the lyrics of the song. I like the beat. How it all flows and stuff but the lyrics just stress me out ROFL and because i cant find the website where i can upload the song file directly and play it here.. you’ll just have to search it up on youtube or ill up it as soon as i remember what site it was again xD

Don’t know where you’re from
Never seen you around
But that don’t mean nothing to me
Just want a taste of that…

She stood there waiting alone
Green eyes her shoulder exposed
Smiling and biting her straw
She gave me one look, I froze

Her sexy inviting eyes
My hands on her hips as we grind
She whispered in an accent unknown

“Just let go, let the music take control babe
Move your body, nothing crazy
So take it slow, there’s so many things I want you to know
I ain’t leaving you, cuz I’m yours tonight”

*I can tell you want me too
And every time I think of you
That luscious drink your lips produce
I can taste that sweet LOVEJUICE

“Oh”, “Oh”, “More”, “Slow”

Classy like none of these hoes
Pretty little frame under her clothes
Those lips as red as a rose
Vibing to the beat from the Boze

Don’t rush the night is still young
Take it to the room and sex things up
I can see you call out my name, saying

“Don’t stop, more,” I’m trying to see how your lips feel babe
All we need is body language
And now I know, I’m falling for you and I just can’t lie
I won’t go nowhere cuz I’m your man tonight

See, I’ve been all around the world, but I ain’t (seen nothing ?2)
Like you, don’t matter where you’re from, it don’t (mean nothing ?2)
See, I’ve been all around the world, but I ain’t (seen nothing ?2)
And now I got four minutes to take you back, girl we can (be something)

Tell me if I wasn’t over analyzing it LOOLL but hey this song won’t stop me from getting myself a copy of that Queen of Pirates concert DVD. It’s still a good watch 😉


~ by worthwhil on October 15, 2009.

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