PUH-Lease. I’m 20 ._.

I have a job (though I haven’t graduated from college yet). I’m 20. That’s old enough to be moving out of my parent’s house. I didn’t because I understand I’m the youngest and my parents need someone to take care of them in their old age. But seriously! If three people who’ve lived in your house sped out faster than you can say bye-bye right after they finished college there must be a good reason.

Gad and my mother applies all these tactics of being ‘ungrateful’ if you try to move out and start on your own saying how much they took care of you and how much love they lavished on you. Love. Pfft~ I’m usually patient with my parents but GAD not letting me do the things I want to do (such as spending on what I want to, I have to be freakin accountable for each single cent I spend. I mean I understand if its their money but for crying out loud, I earned this so I have the right to do with it as I please.) She rants on and on about my father pulling money out of nowhere, saying as if money goes on trees. It’s so freakin stupid. She doesn’t know what lengths my father goes to to earn money.

I’m just really, really frustrated about whats going on. It’s been my plan to move out for the longest time now. Aside from the fact that I’ve been screwing up but I seriously want to try living on my own, have my freedom, and just simply live my life.


~ by worthwhil on October 23, 2008.

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