Etiquette People, Etiquette !!

As usual, I was in my favorite place in the whole world (right after my room, in front of my pc of course), the internet cafe I frequent every single vacant time I have. Sad to say, I accept the fact that I am addicted to Dance Battle Audition. I was silently playing my game, minding my own business, using headphones so as to not disturb the other patrons of the cafe. It was as usual a full day for the cafe. It was filled with the usual Dota boys and all those kids who play other online games.

This guy I was sitting right next to decided that the people around him liked his Imeem playlist and so he put it on in full blast.  -__________-” I was straining my ears so hard to try to listen to my music since you know you needed to get the beat in audi.

Where is the etiquette people? The whole time I was there it was so frustrating trying to listen to my songs because this big oaf decided that everyone wanted to listen to him.



~ by worthwhil on January 29, 2008.

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