Brain Hemispheres

Left Hemisphere

–> Factual, logical, rational, mathematical/symbols, sequential, language skills, reading, writing, spelling, directed, linear, objective, analysis, explicit, stores practical information, denotative (literal), goal in language is to be precise, remembers names, metaphorically a computer

–> Accountant, doctor, engineer, financial analyst, pilot, attorney, computer programmer

to trigger: crossword puzzles, calculations, writing with your dominant hand, categorizing, organizing, speaking out loud, remembering a name, analyzing a work of art, debating an issue, rewiring a house, making a list of sequential events, fixing a toaster

Right Hemisphere

–> Experiential, intuitive, non-verbal knowing, focused on patterns, simultaneous, dreaming, brainstorming ideas, spontaneous, unordered, spatial, subjective, synthesis, implicit, stores emotions (nostalgia), connotative (associative), goals in language is to create, remembers faces, metaphorically a kaleidoscope

–> Social worker, nurse, teacher, volunteer coordinator, homemaker, decorator, artist

to trigger: meditation/guided imagery, picturing a familiar face, writing with your non-dominant hand, stimulation of your senses, fantasizing/daydreaming, free association of thoughts, appreciating the beauty of something, boring, repetitive movements, making love, imagining how you would decorate a room, remembering a sad moment in childhood

courtesy of a teacher’s handouts


~ by worthwhil on December 11, 2007.

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