A Description on Matisse’s The Dessert

As I was rummaging my papers looking for my guided format to making a journal review which I had like 4 years ago and I can’t remember if I threw it away already, I found this test paper on humanities class. We were supposed to write what we saw on the art work projected on the screen..


“Lines used in Matisse’s works are dominantly curved lines. It appears dominant because the color red pushes the black forward making it the first thing you notice when you look at the painting. There are some straight lines though to probably convey stability in the work. Because the picture shows a ‘homey’ atmosphere, naturalistic shapes are most dominant as seen in the presence of the landscape at the back of the window, fruits in the dining table and flowers in the tapestry and wallpaper. The window appears to be SO big that it looks as if it covers the rest of the wall not seen. It almost swallows the whole thing. The lady appears smaller giving the viewer an idea that it probably won’t be that important. The color red almost looks as if it stifles the lady. It looks as if it is not supposed to draw attention to her. The table also appears bigger than the rest in the painting. The painting does not really show much texture like Van Gogh’s. It’s smooth and it appears to look soft and gives the idea that the table is somehow ‘fluffy’. The painting appears to glow as if light is emanating from inside it which is very much contrary to the landscape painted, the one outside the window which appears as if the time is around 5:00-5:30pm. The color is very intense. This is probably because when you look at the picture, you will instantly see red and black. Intensity gets stronger as you get nearer the bottom-left part of the painting. The painting gives a somewhat light-moody feeling. This because of the chroma of the color red. It appears dynamic because of red again. However, I would not like to constantly see this picture because it will make you see dark spots after looking at it for a time.”


~ by worthwhil on December 7, 2007.

One Response to “A Description on Matisse’s The Dessert”

  1. hey now that I am writing a paper about the use of art nouveau in matisse’s paintings and I have found this image on the google search, thanks for putting it here
    and you’re appreciated for being an art lover

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