Parent for a Day

Last Saturday my dad called me up to wake up early the next day coz I was going to come with him attend some family thing concerning my three elementary nieces. I was supposed to be up by 6 as they will pick me up at 7 to be in time for the mass at 8.

So I woke up at the designated time and i was sooo annoyed since my dad came to pick me up at 8 -_-” I had no idea what I was supposed to do that day. I thought it was just Church, eat lunch out and then go back home.

So after the mass, I was sooo lost.. Apparently I was to go with my younger niece. My parents with the second sister, and my brother and his wife with the oldest kid. So then I went around looking for my charge since I had no idea where she went. She wasn’t in the auditorium where the mass was held since she couldnt take communion yet. Thank goodness for directions posted on like posts.. I was able to locate her in their canteen.

So I sat down with her and my role became clear to watch over her as they play their games and show off to their parents their dances and stuff. I looked at all the other parents getting their cameras and videoing their kids and i just went –>

There were a lot of parlor games (like that of a children’s party ) and everytime it would either be kid and daddy, kid and mommy, or kid with parents. Everytime it would be kid with mommy, my ever ecstatic niece would pull my hand and beg that we join >___<.. The whole time i played blowing the feather, rolling the hula hoop (not ON hula hoop.. ionno how to do that >___>) and a lot of other games.. we won some, lost some.. Sadly though, my parents, on their age and not used to such activities had to go home early so at 1pm, they called us up coz we had to leave already.

The niece with me had so much fun as she showed her prizes to her sisters. Unfortunately for the other two, they were stuck with people who would rather watch than play (I was like that too.. But i dint want to kill all her fun… YES im a nice aunt ).

During the games, I was able to bond with one of my niece’s bestfriend’s mom. What scared me though was the fact that I fit right in with all the other parents… >___< that shouldnt be the case since Im still in my fourth year in university.. I dun want to think about marriage yet… LOONNNGG way till i get there…




my niece is the kid on the right


~ by worthwhil on November 28, 2007.

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