Storm Signal #2

So yesterday I went to school at 1:30pm despite the heavy rains and I thought nothing of it coz these past few days its been raining cats and dogs. I din’t even know that a storm was brewing somewhere in the neighboring region. My dad brought me to school and it was really, really chilly. Went to class, listened to a discussion on ethics and when the bell rang, had a cup of hot chocolate and donuts while waiting for a friend to show up so I can give her my copy of Partnership and Corporation Accounting.

After like 30 mins of talking I had to go back in coz I had my last class for the day, E-commerce. Went out and heard the wind. It was so strong and apparently it was already signal number 2, I didn’t even know. After class, I hung around a bit coz I was going to do my research on that journal article already but apparently there was a brown-out and the library computers weren’t functioning so I couldnt access the database of the school. I decided to just go home.

On my way out of school, I felt like I was going to go with the wind.. It was that strong o.o so I walked towards the stop but on the way, my umbrella became useless as it battled with the strong, strong wind. I got soaked from head to foot the whole hour I was standing, waiting for a cab. I wanted to call my dad and tell him to pick me up even if he was already waaaayyy in the countryside. I wanted to call my mom to catch a cab home and pick me up in school. I wanted to call my nephew so he could come pick me up. The whole time it never occurred to me that I was standing in the middle of a storm signal number 2. I had no idea why… -_-

So finally after transferring stops like 3 times, I decided to just settle for one area until I was finally able to take a cab home…

 *sigh* in a storm, all on my own.. thank God i survived that.. *shivers*


~ by worthwhil on November 20, 2007.

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