Our life is a path laid out in front of us, but it is not one road. There are a lot of crossroads that we encounter and with each road we take, there lies a different ending. However with each road we take, we know that we will never get to experience what must have been should we decide to take the other route. Life is a one way street, you can’t turn back after seeing the consequences of your choices.

You move on.

When someone makes a choice, he/she is painfully aware of the consequences of his actions. However, in this life we need to decide and more often than not, we have to sacrifice our own happiness for others. They may understand but it still saddens them if you make a decision. Yes, ultimately it is you who leads your life but you have to give back what has been given you. Yes it might be their responsibility, in the end, it was still a choice, a choice to carry that responsibility or not.

I choose this path because this is where I want to be. I know what I’ve given up. I know what I will miss but in the end, this is where I want to be. I get up, I move on.

This is how I live my life.


~ by worthwhil on November 8, 2007.

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