[KPop]Epik High – Fan

New song obsession:

EPIK HIGH’S FAN starring Tabloo.. lol  i dont know the names of the other members..hehe  sorry..

Got into it coz I read the lyrics of the song from a fanfiction. I found the video and instantly I fell in love with the video concept and the song..

This song talks about a fan who is over obsessed (sounds familiar? lol at least I dont go to *that* extreme..I know my boundaries, thank you very much) with this singer. She decides she does not want to share him with others and so she imprisons him in her house, watching from a different room on a TV set. She had him video taped. Freaky much? The guy couldn’t take it, wanted to douse himself with gasoline and burst into flames but she arrives just in time.

I dont know exactly at what point she has snapped in the whole thing but I do know that somewhere along the way she decides that she wants him dead and so begins her ultimate and scary (dunno how to describe it exactly) plans of building a bomb (or something like a shuttle bomb) to tie him up sending him to the heavens both literally and figuratively.

The song has an upbeat tempo (watched the performance at an inki gayo show too..). I have it playing on my MP like over and over.. I like how it’s kinda dark and fast.. It’s just the right blend for me..


~ by worthwhil on November 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “[KPop]Epik High – Fan”

  1. i love this song awesome 😀

  2. You got the storyline wrong, sorry. And Tablo isn’t the guy in the video. The story is basically that this girl is so obsessed with this famous person that she kidnaps him. The giant washing machine part is because she realizes he’s dirty so she washes him, literally(It’s some type of symbolism for how fangirls clean up their idols in their minds when they don’t like how they actually are). Then when she realizes he’s not happy, she decides to send him to the stars using some sort of rocket thing because he’s a star and she believes that’s where he belongs, but it doesn’t work out and she kills him. It is basically about the craziness of fangirls and how extreme they’ll get over their idols. But yeah, I know it isn’t a bomb, because who would strap someone to a bomb and set it off while standing ten feet away? And if she wanted him dead, why would she have cried when she killed him? Just letting you know.

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