One Game.

Online games, online people. Online FRIENDS? Good question. I’m a wary person when it comes to meeting people online. Im not an avid online game player. I only got immersed with online games because my friends wanted to try it. I never thought that I would one day actually talk to and make friends with people from the virtual world. I never thought I’d meet people I would one day soon consider family and friends even closer than that of my Real Life friends. Some people that you can honestly say, even if we haven’t met, I know that they care immensely for me.

All-night conferences. Jokes. Laughs. Sadness. We’ve shared all that and so much more. This kind of relationship that I thought I would never get to experience. It is something so profound. Something I thought I would never get from this kind of communication medium.

Ely: My little sister. My shobe. All laughs, boy-talk, girl-talk, everything.

YoungJae: My younger brother. My sioti. Never fails to amuse me. My family who I help do homework with. More like me doing his homework.. But I love helping him. ^^ It makes me feel like a real older sister.

Jinkuu: Someone who never fails to make me happy each day. My first ever online friend. The first person to gain my trust. He knows virtually everything about me.

Ricecake: Happy-go-lucky. Someone you can talk to when its too difficult to approach those that you know by heart so much. There are just those moments in your life when you wish to talk to someone who just wouldnt have a bias opinion on anything.

Paulo: Someone who understands and accepts. For that I am grateful. The first person.

XY: That someone you want to be there for you. You feel like you just need to be her friend, someone she can talk to, who’s always there.

Soujee: Never a dull moment.

Takumi: The man to talk to when you need advice on cars and more cars.

And to you. You know who you are. Special. Always special. Thank you.

MY POD family.



and Ming.. You’re not here.. because you’re not an ONLINE friend… XDD REAL LIFE is more like it.. ^_____^ but a REALLY close one.. ^^ i miss you ming.. >_<

special thanks to Jinkuu for making the graphic.. ^^


~ by worthwhil on September 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “One Game.”

  1. POD… interesting. Cool graphic there.

  2. =) i dint make the graphic.. one of the group members did it.. but POD is disbanded now.. ^^

  3. its a great introduction… i wish i joined this clan… oh well =)

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