Funny ones

I slept uncharacteristically early today because I slept late yesterday.. REAL late (anyone who knows me wouldnt find this odd.. at all XD) and my sleep kept on getting interrupted. So anyway, I’ll write what happened today on another post.. So I woke up at like 3am.. and felt like looking at avatars that I will be able to use (because I have a habit of changing avatars like 5 times an hour unless of course im that in love with it)..

So I surfed around.. coz there are actually a lot of myspace and friendster sites that have all these avatars.. I was supposed to look for like glam and stuff.. but i got hooked on to finding those funny avatars….and there were adorable ones too.. So I couldnt help but just share it here.. XDD



~ by worthwhil on September 22, 2007.

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