Too short to do anything productive, too long to just sit around

okay so today is prolly one of those days where you have enough time but cant seem to do anything.

So I woke up at around 9.30, when I was supposed to be up at 7.30 so I can still watch Xy’s game.. But because I slept late last night (talking with my niece about the developments of her lovelife.. XD).. Hence even if Sioti was trying to wake me up, I was still dead as a log.

I was on my way to school, anticipating an exam in Auditing Problems class. Found out that our Finance teacher isnt around.. She’s been very busy these days so I suppose yeah… So my friends and I talked about our love lives.. How my other friend wanted someone else when she had someone else… totally sad.. she’s not some mean person but sometimes when you’re in that situation is difficult… I totally understand her..

Okay, moving on.. I was supposed to take the exam that I didn’t take yet in Auditing Problems class but because of the forums, it got postponed yet again. XD So I started texting XY telling her that I might be able to come to her school earlier than 2pm.. But she’s eating lunch with her teammates so she told me to just come at 1-ish to watch her game.. And so I did.. But i cant enter her school without a valid reason coz outsiders aren’t allowed entrance. So I had to pull all connections and it was good that I was able to make excuses.. XDD and I was able to get in.. It was so funny coz while I was looking for the room I went one way coz I thought that the passage would go all around the building, but I chanced upon an area full of changing volleyball players and so I was like..


 “uhh.. wrong”


It was a good thing I saw some old classmates and we started screaming, hugs, etc… So yeah I asked them where it was and I was in the wrong building…  dry.gif

It was my first time to actually sit through one whole chess game. Its coz im not a quiet person so watching games that are intensely quiet unnerve me somehow.. XDD But I did watch it the whole time.. Aren’t you just proud of me XY? ^___________^ Pretty intense game… But I’m very much impressed with her because even if she was all stressed out, she still managed to win all four games yesterday.. WOOHHOOOO Blow outttt yahoo.gif

But I had to leave soon coz I still had classes at 3.30 ph34r_anim.gif so I left too soon.. and i came in class… and sleep.gif yeah.. no class anyways.. sleep.gif

Stayed out waiting for 7 to come so I can go to rehearsals for Friday and then eventually left the cafe to go to rehearsals..




~ by worthwhil on September 20, 2007.

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